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Introducing AXIS-Y’s ay&me Skincare Line

South Korean vegan skincare line brand AXIS-Y has launch its latest skincare product line, ay&me, in Indonesia. To celebrate the 9.9 shopping day, AXIS-Y Indonesia is offering a 50% discount on the entire ay&me product range.

Inspired by Global Beauty Aspirations

Inspired by the aspirations and hopes of the global beauty community, the ay&me product line is specially formula to maintain and enhance skin complexion. AXIS-Y aims to address various skin issues and discover product packaging and ingredient combinations suitable for different skin types in all weather conditions across 68 countries through surveys.

“At AXIS-Y, we always value feedback from our community, leading us to continually develop and improve our products. Currently, we’re taking steps to launch our latest product series, ay&me, which we’ve created together with the community over the past two years through surveys, polls, and product sample testing. This range is designed perfectly to meet the desires of the best skincare with our tagline, ‘Made for Me by Me,'” said AXIS-Y CEO & Founder Maggie Yue.

The Power of Special Biome Blend

ay&me is a skincare product line that contains Special Biome Blend, a special formulation innovation created by AXIS-Y using five prebiotics and probiotics beneficial for the skin, including lactobacillus lysate, lactococcus ferment lysate, saccharomyces ferment filtrate, bifida ferment filtrate, and bifida ferment lysate.

Optimal Skin Health Enhancement

The optimal combination of these five natural ingredients works to help nourish, rejuvenate, and enhance skin health by supporting the skin’s natural microbiome. The ay&me AXIS-Y series offers an optimal range of skincare products, including Biome Comforting Infused Toner, Biome Radiating Intensified Essence, Biome Ultimate Indulging Cream, Biome Resetting Moringa Cleansing Oil, and Biome Recharging Night Renewal Set, consisting of Biome Recharging Enhanced Night Balm and 10 Panthenol Supporting Concentrate.

Nature’s Touch for Indonesian Skin

As a skincare brand also inspired by nature, the ay&me product range uses core ingredients such as mugwort, centella asiatica, moringa oil, and adenosine to not only nourish but also balance and strengthen the skin. This combination makes ay&me suitable for Indonesian skin, which is more prone to damage to the skin barrier due to exposure to pollution and climate change.

Flagship Products

In this new product series, AXIS-Y also introduces two flagship products that are essential as part of the skincare routine for morning and evening, suitable for all skin types: Biome Resetting Moringa Cleansing Oil and Biome Comforting Infused Toner.

Environmental Commitment

AXIS-Y is also committed to supporting environmental sustainability by creating ay&me product packaging using materials containing 30% PCR PET that are easily recyclable, FSC paper, and other eco-friendly materials.